Freelance and Blogs

Billy Goodnick’s writing reached a national audience in April 2009, when his Cool Green Gardens blog embarked on its maiden voyage at Fine Gardening Magazine’s website. A few years later, Billy’s words landed in the pages of the magazine as contributing editor, writing the Design Workshop feature and solving the everyday design problems gardeners wrestle with.

Design Workshop Articles
  • Coping With One-Of-Each-itis
  • Flip Your Front Yard: What’s So Great About Curb Appeal?
  • Intentional Planticide: Better Gardens by Murdering Your Plants
  • Diagonals Do Double Duty: Embracing Your Hypotenuse
  • Hot Colors for Summer Gardens
  • “Bowling Alley” Side Yards: More Than Just Storage

Billy’s design insights have also graced the pages of Sunset Magazine (Secrets of a Successful GardenNovember 1, 2011) and 805 Living Magazine.

On a lighter note, he’s been cutting loose at his Santa Barbara hometown blog at for the last five years, raving about the good stuff and ranting about the f’ugly stuff.